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Participate in an exciting and rigorous coeducational program including acting, movement, playwriting, and vocal strengthening through the creation of original work. Sessions are led by a faculty of professional actors and include: Acting Technique - Acting introduces you to the basics of actor training and includes exercises and theatre games designed to free the actor physically and emotionally while stimulating creative impulses. Feldenkrais - The Feldenkrais Method� is a form of physical education that uses gentle movement and directed attention to improve movement and enhance human functioning. Through this Method, you can increase your ease and range of motion and improve your flexibility and coordination. Musical Theatre - Students will learn to relax and sing some of the great songs from the musical theatre in a low-stress, supportive environment. Emphasizes character and strong vocal conditioning while aligning voice and body. Shakespeare - Taking the mystery out of Shakespeare! Learn how to define and deliver with confidence some of the great Shakespearean monologues. Scene Study - Perform the great literary roles of the theatre while learning to work with an ensemble. Emphasis is on making bold physical and emotional character choices and feeling comfortable on stage with yourself and your partners. Improvisation - Learn to think on your feet with challenging situations where the only script is what you create on the spot. Develops performance skills within an ensemble setting. In addition, the program includes performance opportunities including Late Night Improv in the Laird Studio Theatre, a Shakespearean performance in an outdoor amphitheatre, and the creation of an original Work-in-Progress to be performed in the Hazel B. Abbott Mainstage Theatre.

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