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When Inspiration Finds Direction… Imagine the Possibilities!


Eaglearts offers exciting and challenging arts programs for motivated youth who want to develop and refine artistic skills and explore their creative potential.  Professional Artist/Educators offer over 40 classes and electives daily in visual and performing arts at our lakeside facility.  


Participants can choose their track of study or Multi-Track!

  • Music:  Voice, Choir, Band, Instrumental Ensemble
  • Dance:  Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, African, Swing
  • Acting:  Musical Theatre, Contemporary, Shakespeare, Comedy, Physical Theatre
  • Visual Art:  Painting, Drawing, Life Drawing, Sculpture, Pottery, Ceramics, Crafts
  • Video Production:  Story-boarding, Directing, Filming and Editing
  • Photography:  Black and White Photography & Digital Photography

Guest artists, social gatherings, ‘Arts’ outings, talent shows, and recreational activities enhance this dynamic program. 


Recreational activities include: swimming, kayaking, hiking and cooperative games.


Eaglearts is a safe place to discover a world of potential.  Join us for non-stop fun and learning through the Arts.





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