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Emagination Game Design is an intensive two-week program for teens who have a strong interest in creating video games. Teens learn the game design and development process as it happens in the $13 billion video game industry and they work on a Development Team to build a playable video game. Located at Bentley College in Waltham, MA, and Mercer University in Atlanta, GA. The program involves hands on work combined with personal instruction with an average of six participants per Instructor.

What do teens gain from Emagination Game Design?

  • A playable video game
  • Proficiency using sophisticated game design software
  • A foundation of both technical and creative skills
  • Experience working both alone and on a development team
  • Pre-college experience at one of the country's premier wired campuses
  • Exposure to top video game industry executives and experts
  • A valuable introduction to creating entertainment products for a rapidly growing $13 billion industry
  • A graduation certificate
  • New friendships and an unforgettable summer experience
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