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Beautifully situated on pristine Lake Fairlee, Lochearn offers 180 girls, ages 8-15, an outstanding summer of fun, friendship, adventure, and personal growth. Professional instruction in over 40 activities, a well integrated program of character education, and a carefully selected staff of wholesome, bright, athletic young woman provide the challenges, resources, and love to help Lochearn girls build strong identities. Daughters only grow up once. Give yours a summer of enduring friendships and life-long learning at Lochearn Camp for Girls.
At our core is a strong commitment and well-conceived approach to children's character education where sound values such as respect, responsibility, cooperation and integrity are integrated into activities, and cabin and community life. Lochearn is a teaching camp so girls are always challenged to do their best learning fundamental skills in athletics, visual and performing arts, nature, and English riding. Lochearn is proud to provide a safe and wholesome social environment where it is "cool to be kind" and where meeting daily challenges in sports and the arts helps to strenghten girls' emerging identities. An incredible opportunity to give your daughter the strength she needs to meet today's challenges.

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