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Whale watch, fish, and hike in one of the most breathtaking coastlines in the United States.  Students entering grades 7-9 are invited to join the Museum of Science and Suffolk University on a weeklong, overnight marine wildlife exploration in the Bay of Fundy on Maine’s rugged northeast coast.  Accompanied by marine scientists, naturalists, and Museum of Science instructors students observe whales, seals, sea stars, and bald eagles in beautiful Cobscook Bay.


Live the fascinating life of a marine scientist.  Study the biology, chemistry, and geology of the area’s intertidal zones.  Cruise around the US-Canadian border on a private boat expedition.  Explore, study, and live amongst the amazing plant and wildlife in this diverse terrestrial area.  Fall in love with science and wildlife on this week-long summer adventure you’ll never forget!


Activities and adventures include:

-         hiking

-         whale watching

-         fishing

-         observation and specimen collection of native plants and animals

-         a visit to the Reversing Falls

-         workshops & presentations on topics such as the ecosystem and wildlife, data analysis, geology, and water chemistry


Cost includes comfortable wooden cabins, home-cooked meals, and transportation from Boston, MA. 


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