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Awosting (boys) and our sister camp Chinqueka (girls) boast a beautiful lakeside setting in the rolling hills of Connecticut's Litchfield County. Campers stay in cabins on the premises. Two counselors live in each cabin with the campers. All of our cabins are wood sided and are equipped with individual toilets and sinks. Campers have private showering facilities located centrally to all cabins.

Our activity areas include our waterfront with our fleet of boats, canoes, sailboats and ski-boats to "the top of the road" where our Mini-Bikes and Go-Kart tracks are located. In between, we have several activity areas including a Climbing Tower and Zip Line, Indoor sport facility, indoor activity areas for Gymnastics, Computers, Fencing, Photography, Video, Arts & Crafts, Drama and Woodshop. At the center of it all are our many sport courts & fields, including Basketball, Baseball/Softball, Soccer and Volleyball. Check out our website and see what we did last summer. We have free DVD's available.

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