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Why send your child to Camp Friendship next summer?

  • Friendship has been the 'Flagship' of Virginia ACA camps for many years. It has a rich history and it's directors and staff are recognized as qualified professionals with great experience in the field of camping and total dedication to children.
  • Through the decades Camp Friendship birthed a legacy of personal positive growth development for tens of thousands of campers.
  • The diversity of habitats contributes to unique outdoor experience, we have ponds and lakes, woods, shore line, trails, open space, wildlife, sky and openness to stars, views that stretch one's vision/horizons.
  • With as many as 50 program offerings, with constant review of campers age grouping, with primary focus on 'child-centered' as opposed to 'skill-centered' camp has created a wonderful blend of personal growth through program.
  • Caring, well-trained staff are dedicated to the safe operation of camp activities. Camp Friendship is accredited by the American Camping Association which sets standards for facilities, personnel, administrative practices, transportation, program, and health care.
  • Specialized programs for horsebackriding, tennis, gymnastics and cheeleading, and golf.
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