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Camp Stanislaus effectively combines recreational and learning activities during its six-week operation.  Activities include:

Sailing, Water-skiing, Archery, Rifles, Hobbies, Kayaks, Canoes, Baseball, Dances, Swimming, Tennis, Basketball, Weightlifting, Volleyball, Marine Science, Bonfires, Fishing, Movies, Soccer, Barbecues, Skit Nights, Football, Reading, Karaoke Shows, Beach Activities, Digital Photography.

Special Trips & Activities
Campers also enjoy weekly “Mystery Trips” on Sunday afternoons.  Some of these trips include: Global Wildlife, skate parks, Audubon Zoo, the Aquarium and IMAX theater, the Stennis Space Center, USS Alabama Battleship, river hikes, bowling and movies. There are also special trips to Ship Island, horseback riding, canoe excursions, and offshore fishing.  A large magic show is another highlight for our campers with more than 15 magicians entertaining them. Some activities require attendance at the longer sessions and are assigned to specific groups.  The camp dances are scheduled during each three week session for campers in the two older groups. Horseback riding is a long day trip scheduled as a special activity for campers attending camp for three weeks or longer. Day campers do not participate in offshore fishing.

In order to recognize campers for their success in the various core activities and to inspire them to work to higher skill levels, Camp Stanislaus maintains a certification level at each of our core activities.  Campers’ abilities will be verified before moving to the next level of certification.  Campers will receive a certificate from Camp Stanislaus at the awards ceremony held at the end of each three week session for any activity in which they completed a certification level.

“Last week at camp, we went to Ship Island and Six Flags as well.  We rode the roller coasters, we also went skiing, and we had a bonfire on the beach.”
Josh Beaubouef and Jonathan Gerache

Day Campers' Schedule
Campers from the local community are invited to participate in the activities of Camp Stanislaus. Day campers arrive on campus by 7:45AM and are picked up at 6:15PM.  Breakfast and lunch are provided, and campers enjoy the morning and afternoon activities, Monday through Friday.

“The most exciting thing I've done so far at camp was sailing.  I went into the water and the wind was good. We flipped once, and I got to sail the boat.  I have learned the parts of the boat.  The easiest one to remember is the centerboard.  I qualified as a seaman.”
Jonathan Gerache, Shrimps

The Difference Six Weeks Make
Each camp session offers a wide range of activities.  However, there are special trips assigned to three week session. There are no off campus trips during the one-week sessions. We focus on the core activities during that time. By attending more than one session, a camper participates in more activities and is able to better develop real skills in those activities. Other six-week extras include more instruction in activities, a better opportunity to develop the camper's individual character formation and more special trips.

“So far this week, I have skated, learned to water ski, and swam in the pool.  I have made a couple of friends and am enjoying the summer very much.”
Brad Bourgeois, Stingray

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