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Camp Wildwood is committed to the wonderful growth experience that camp can offer your child. Through our caring staff and Christian values, we help children develop self-esteem in an atmosphere of safety, security, and love. With the great outdoors all around us, and the excellent facilities available, Camp Wildwood promises a week of camp that will create years of memories for your child. We believe in our camping program, and consider ourselves a support to parents raising children today.


In 1912 a man had a vision of a special place for children: ... A safe place of acceptance, growth & love. A place where children could enjoy the great outdoors, laugh and have fun, make special friends, and learn of God's love for them... Today, Camp Wildwood continues to grow! Our goal is to give children, youth, and adults the opportunity of an "Outdoor Adventure" and to develop Christian character. We welcome you to Camp Wildwood this summer to experience: "An EXTREME summer!" .

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