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Camp Miriam is part of the Habonim Dror Zionist Youth Movement, one of 7 camps in North America.  Our philosophy is inspired by the ideology of Habonim Dror in that we emphasize sharing, inclusiveness, creativity, responsibility to the community, and, of course, FUN!


Our diverse program includes interest groups like sports, photography, arts and crafts, drama, and Israeli dancing, special days which are theme based, sports, swimming, and canoeing. Hebrew is used in announcements and during Shira (singing).  


Creative activities and informal discussions about a variety of topics challenge the campers to explore Jewish identity, Zionism, Israel, tikkun olam and social justice.  The campers are encouraged to develop a sense of personal responsibility and community through daily work projects such as painting, dining room duty and recycling.


Shabat is the highlight of the week at Camp Miriam.  It begins with 'family time' and a walk to the 'point' for Kabbalat Shabbat.  A special Friday night meal with candle-lighting, Kiddush and lots of singing is followed by an evening of Israeli dancing.  Saturday includes special interest groups and a picnic at the nearby beach, and ends with Havdallah and a campfire. 


Camp Miriam offers an intensive leadership training program for youth who have completed grade 11.  This program helps prepare the young leaders of the future.


Camp Miriam is a Jewish experience not to be missed!

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