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Camp Sloane is a Boys’ Camp and a Girls’ Camp. While many activities are done together, there are a number of programs and activities that are done separately. Camp Sloane’s traditional tent camping approach to the summer experience is unique among today’s camps. For close to seventy-five years now, Sloane campers have loved and enjoyed tent living as they leave the creature comforts at home and appreciate a simpler life at camp—the way summer camp was meant to be.

The camp motto is "OTHERS". This communicates the importance of the values on which Sloane’s philosophy is based. Guided by a committed volunteer Board of Directors, there is full-time professional leadership and a world-class summer staff selected for their maturity and desire to work with children. With a variety of Red Cross and other certifications, staff participate in an intensive, week-long training program that covers safety, supervision, counseling, teaching and camp procedures.

Boys and girls ages 7-15 experience Camp Sloane as an individual, as a member of a small tent living group, as part of their Section community and as part of the total Sloane "family." An individualized, elective approach to numerous activity choices is age-appropriate and instructional, providing for skill progression and achievement. In addition to elective courses, there are free choice periods, special events, and evening programs, campfires, talent shows, and more.
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