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Timber Ridge is located just 90 miles west of Washington DC, in the beautiful Shenandoah Mountains of West Virginia where the base of North Mountain and the shores of the Cacapon River meet to surround our 200-acre campsite.

Our co-ed camp offers full and half sessions with very diverse, individual, free choice programming for campers with every kind of interest. With over 45 activities at camp, we have developed a scheduling system that truly allows children to pursue all of their interests.

Timber Ridge kids are recognized as individuals and encouraged to pursue their goals through every experience. Our camp is ideally sized with about 275 campers at each session. With this number of campers, we truly know every child and they do not get “lost” in the numbers at camp.

While our largest contingent of campers comes from South Florida and the Baltimore /Washington area, we are well represented with children from all around the country and the world. At Timber Ridge we pride ourselves in that we provide the most exciting and caring environment in the camp industry. Under the supervision of our qualified, diligent, and nurturing staff, children blossom at camp. Timber Ridge is your home away from home.

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