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At Camp Can-Aqua, campers can enjoy fun and skill improvement in over 20 land and water activities. Challenge and adventure are geared to the age and ability of each camper - campers are encouraged to try new things and are never bored. Evening Programs, Theme Days, Campfire and the Can-Aqua Dining Experience offer a unique blend of spirit and magic. Add to the spice - join the Can-Aqua family!

Leadership Tomorrow . . .

"I can't wait 'til next summer!"

Most of our staff started as campers, leaders in training and junior counsellors here at Can-Aqua. From the first day of camp, staff set a leadership example, reinforcing positive values and ideals and exemplifying the camp philosophy: building confidence, independence, leadership and the ability to get along with others. Campers can expect the BEST because staff give their BEST - to help your child become a leader tomorrow.

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