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Build skills in activity classes of their choice
  • Go on an overnight camp-out (sleep under the stars and cook over the fire)
  • May go on out-of-camp expeditions, such as hikes or canoe trips
  • Form life-long friendships and learn even more songs
  • Enjoy a full-scale All Camp Day including horse show, swim meet, canoe races, etc.
  • For a good idea of what typical one-week and two-week sessions entail, check out our website. At CJL, girls live, work, and play outdoors to build a better understanding of their natural surroundings, acquire confidence in themselves, become comfortable working in groups to solve every-day problems, and, of course, have a great time.

    CIT Sessions

    Special three-week CIT (counselor-in-training) sessions are held for girls who've completed 10th and 11th grades. The goal of these sessions is to teach older girls the skills they'll need to be counselors at CJL. Juliette Gordon Low established this camp as a training facility for her Girl Scout leaders. Though CJL is no longer affiliated with the Girl Scouts, the leadership training tradition lives on in the CIT program.

    Parent-Daughter Weekend

    The first weekend in May is Parent-Daughter weekend, during which daughters and a parent (dads are welcome) come up to camp, sleep in a tent, and try out some of CJL's activities. This is a perfect chance for young campers and their parents to get to know Camp Juliette Low.

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