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Founded in 1959, Walden is a coed overnight camp in Northern Michigan for ages 7 to 17. We’re in the state’s Lower Peninsula on a pristine 100 acres outside of Cheboygan. Our talented staff teach more than 50 instructional activities including horseback riding (English saddle), lacrosse, ceramics, rocketry, drama, dance, radio, guitar, jewelry, gymnastics, backpacking, soccer, astronomy, lapidary, etc. etc.! Set on the shores of beautiful Long Lake, Walden's waterfront program encompasses canoeing, fishing, kayaking, windsurfing, sailing, waterskiing, wakeboarding and tubing. Walden campers experience all the traditional camp activities _ roasting marshmallows, singing songs, competing in scavenger hunts and drinking “bug juice” _ as well as some not-so-traditional stuff, like martial arts and yoga. Kids choose their own classes and, with the guidance of a committed and highly professional staff, find out what it’s like to be “on their own” for part of the summer. Walden is proud to be accredited by the American Camp Association.

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