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Now known as The National Tennis Academy we operate overnight summer camps from its headquarters located in Orlando Florida within the Montverde Preparatory School and North Georgia’s Rabun Gap Nacoochee Preparatory School. NTA and its sister camp National Golf Camp offer high end tennis and golf training camps combined with traditional camp activities. One of the benefits of hosting our camps in prep schools is the amazing food, the Saige catering company provides world class meals for our campers. The team of coaches who train in our full time boarding academy will be on hand to train your child. No college students used in our programs other than hitting partners. Enjoy the benefits of both states while in Orlando enjoy the attractions (Disney and Universal Studios) and the beaches or in Georgia enjoy the endless water falls, mountain hikes, horseback riding and mountain settings. Both camps are designed around train hard and play hard philosophies. We also run holiday and spring break camps please see website for details.

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