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Timanous is located 22 miles from Portland, Maine on a large lake with open fields and pine forests. Timanous has 125 campers and boasts an extraordinary return rate of both campers and counselors.  Our small size gives Timanous a real family feel where everyone knows everyone and campers and counselors of all ages interact.


Ninety years after the founders created the Timanous triangle promoting the development of body, mind and spirit, these ideals seem more important than ever in providing boys with a safe place to try new things, interact with sympathetic adults and peers, and gain social poise and confidence, in an atmosphere of fun and excitement.


Timanous is not a luxury camp. Our emphasis is on the benefits of a simple, healthful, life among interested, capable, and caring people. The campers and counselors live in wooden cabins with no electricity.  Modern bathrooms are located in close proximity to the cabins.


Careful supervision provides superior role models but allows boys to explore at their own pace.


Campers chose their activities on a daily basis. Some choices include but are not limited to sailing, kayaking, swimming, soccer, lacrosse, tennis, baseball, softball, riflery, archery, wood working, and handicrafts. We also have an extensive camping program and many special events compliment the daily routine.


Our camper to counselor ratio is at least 3 to 1.  90% of our counselors were Timanous campers and average over 10 years at camp.  Many are teachers in the “off” season. We strive for a wide cultural and geographic diversity in our community and last summer, we had representatives from 23 states and 8 countries.


Underlying the whole positive experience at Timanous is our conviction that a Timanous summer offers far more than a vacation - that it is an investment in a boy's education in its fullest sense.

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