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Residential Camps

Launch each season with an Extreme Athletics cheer camp!  Summer cheer camp provides your team with a jump start to your fall practice.  Accelerate your team’s skill level before your season starts by capitalizing on what they learn during the summer.  Our all-inclusive camps offer sessions to refresh your team’s basic skills and introduce them to new and challenging material.


College Prep Camp

Prepare for college tryouts.  This camp is designed for individual athletes who intend on cheering at the college level.  The camp will strengthen skills that are needed for college tryout, such as co-ed and all-girl stunting, pyramids, jumps, motions and tumbling.



Blow away the competition with an Extreme routine personally choreographed by Coach Owens.  You will receive the most innovative content with amazing choreography guaranteed to get your team noticed.  Routines from Extreme Athletics consistently finish among the top in the nation and your team can be part of the action.  

Customized Music
An Extreme routine includes exciting and original music, digitally mastered for your choreography. Include your team’s name or mascot in the music to personalize it even more!  Our music will have your fans on their feet during your performance.


Private Camp

Hosted at a location of your choice ; training can range from a few hours to as long as a week.  Instruction includes clinics for Basic Skills, Transitions and Choreography.


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