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At the Packer Soccer Camps,'Kicks for the Fun of It' is a lot more than a phrase. It's a way of life. And for the kids who will attend this year's Camps, it means an experience they'll never forget. Each camper takes away a lot more than a complete understanding of the game of soccer. After summer ends, there will always be the friendship and the memories.

The Packer Soccer Camps were organized in 1978 in response to the growing popularity of the world'sfavorite sport. Despite the number of schools and camps already in existence, Dick Packer and Peter Gogolak perceived the need for an environment in which young soccer enthusiasts could truly enjoy the game of soccer. After all, soccer should be as much fun to learn as it is to play. As a result, the Camps provide continuous individual attention, lots of group exercise and frequent inter-squad scrimmages. Dick Packer supervises every Camp. Along with a staff of outstanding coaches, he helps campers of every age and ability to learn to play and love the game of soccer.

The Packer Soccer system is designed to offer each camper an opportunity to quickly reach his or her own potential in soccer skills and enjoyment.

There is a very low campers-to-coaches ratio. Progressive training techniques are used, as are the best facilities. Team competition, small groups, films, supplemental instruction and practice periods combine to create a program that ensures every camper will realize his/her maximum physical and mental benefits of the camp.

It is a program that has been singled out and described in the New York Times, Sports Illustrated, television and newspapers. It is a program unlike any other to which campers return week after week, year after year.

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