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The Red Auerbach Basketball School for boys was established in 1960. Jerry Volk, who's son would later become the Celtics General Manager under Red, had operated a summer camp in Marshfield, Massachusetts for several years. Red met Jerry at the camp and, with a handshake, the basketball school was born.
In the early days, it was as much a training facility for the Celtics as it was a camp for kids.The camp has evolved from those early years of hot-top courts, 18 kids, rustic cabins and cold showers to 7 world-class indoor courts, a fantastic dining hall and comfortable dorm living.

We believe that good basketball players are made, not born. We also believe that academics comes before athletics. In fact, anyone bringing a final report card showing Honor Roll status for the academic year will be recognized for this Scholastic achievement during the awards banquet on the final day.

School starts right after registration of the first day. Every player is immediately divided by age and graded by ability, then assigned to teams for equal balance. "Fundamentals" stations are presented daily by professionals and coaching staff. Our stations are tough! Clinics and Stations are an important part of the learning process. Every player plays an equal share of every game, and there are three full games every day. Competition is very challenging but having fun is always the object of our efforts.

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