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Is it a bad camp? or are you hearing one point of view? Jun 15, 2011
reviewer: June from
I've seen first hand as a camp counselor for Camp Invention just how awesome it really is. Every student in my group has a decent and happy experience throughout the day. And I'm on here to defend them and the fun they have. Camp Invention isn't about enhancing your genius child so they can be the next Albert Einstein. ITS ABOUT HAVING FUN AND INTRODUCING YOUR CHILD TO NEW EXPERIENCES AND KNOWLEDGE!! Around this age your child doesn't know what he/she wants to exactly do in life. Who knows if they want to become a marine biologist, architect, biochemist, or technician. Camp Invention is all about giving your child the small taste of something they like and letting it grow from there! I have even learned a thing or two about rare animals in the world, how a common household gadget is put together, and static electricity! Now, to debunk the false the reviews. As with the variety of kids in the world, there are also a variety of counselors. The other reviews talk about how terrible or how young these people are. In Camp Invention there are two types of counselors: Standard Counselors, and Junior Counselors (the "young" or new counselors). No matter the group your child is in, there is at least one Standard Counselor or a new counselor that has had some experience with the youth. The Junior Counselors are mostly there to do the "grunt" work (clean up, run errands, or just assist the Regular Counselor). But just like teachers or any other worker in the world, they are not perfect. Stereotyping based off of one counselor is a terrible habit and everybody reading this should know you don't base the entire group on one judgement. Continuing on, the other reviews talk about how their "gifted" child breezed through the camp and how too "easy" it was for them. Each module is specifically designed by Camp Invention so that the kids always have something to do, and the Module Leaders personally tailor each little step so that if a kid were to finish early they have a add on task to push their thinking a little further. The only reason a child would finish early and be completely bored would be because they didn't put any time, effort, or thinking into their project, OR they went into the camp or module thinking it was "stupid" which would ruin the whole experience. As I come to a close in my review, I just wanted to say a few things. Camp Invention is a great experience due to the knowledge acquired, social connections made, and all around fun your child has (if they participate). I like to think that this one review will help push one parent to sign their child up and the one experience they have at Camp Invention will grow into a lifelong interest and eventually bloom into a hobby or career they are genuinely happy with! Seeing the smiles and excitement in my Green Group when they learn something cool or solve the problem makes me extremely happy that I have been a part of this Camp. I only hope that people reading my review understand and just give it a chance. There is always something new and fun to learn in Camp Invention and wish best of luck to future Campers and Inventors!!

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