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Thank You Camp Assurance Sep 05, 2008
reviewer: Jim Flowers from Indiana
Our church encourages all our kids from 2nd grade through 12th grade by paying 1/2 the way to go. This is the thank you letter from my daughter written to the church. She is 10. There was nothing I could say that could top the enthusiasm of a 10 year old about Camp Dear Pastor and church family, Thank you so much for paying Ĺ my way to camp. Thank you also for praying for me while I was at camp too. Even though I had a broken toe I was still able to participate in everything especially the games. Our speaker Dr. Joe taught us a lot and he was real funny too. Its so exciting how many people got saved and made decisions it is such a blessing to see how God was working in hearts. I made a decision while I was there too. Itís amazing to see how God can work on everybodyís heart at the same time, and how he loves us so much that he wants us to change. I love the songs that we sang in chapel, Especially ITS GREAT TO HAVE ASSURANCE. My counselor was fun and she helped every body in our cabin. In God and I time, she helped us understand what our lessons meant in the bible. My favorite part was horse back riding. My horses name was Denny and I got to control him all my self! That was the first time ever! There were a few troubles in front of me when all the horses were trying to eat from the same tree at the same time. So we all had to stop and wait for them to them to get back on the trail. It was so funny. Last year I had so much fun riding zippy, but this year I was too scared to ride it. My sister, who is older than me, would not ride it last year but she rode it this year 3 times. FunnyÖ I really got my exercise climbing up and down the ladder. I would get my nerve up to ride it then Iíd go back down because I was too scared. Maybe next year I will be brave enough to ride it. Pastor Scotts wife is the best cook and there was tons of food. I loved all the desserts too. I made lots of new friends and I cried when my friends left. Iím glad God provided a way for me to go to camp. I really had a blast dunking pastor Scott and Dr. Joe in the dunk tank. I love camp and I canít wait till I get to go next year!

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