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Boy's Camps: Then and Now...... May 21, 2007
reviewer: Addison Cohen from Denver, CO
I went to a Boy's camp in NC for 8 weeks at a time. From 1964 - 1967, this is how I would spend the bulk of my summers. While I had a MORE THAN terrific time, little did I realize just how much these 4 summers would provide in maturity for a teen, and later on as an adult in the world. Luckily, this camp had been around since the 1920's, yet the essence of its founder, the focus on leadership, the 20 different activities one could choose from during the day, the extended overnight hikes and the wonderful commraderie of having friends all over the US.....was sustained by the founders son and his staff. Looking around for an experience "kinda like" the one I had......I knew it would be VERY difficult. Insurance liability rates - cost of utilities - the cost of the land necessary to have a "camp in the woods" - cost of EVERYTHING to run a camp - finding "the right" counselors who one could TRUST with a bunch of boys - making certain they had multiple skills to teach and support the kids - and most importanly...having a camp director who had created and maintained a VISION of what the camp experience should be for just over a month and what the camper should come away with..............we knew this would not be easy. At a business function, I met someone and we got on the subject of camps. He raved about this camp in NC that he both attended and then was a counselor at. My gut told me I was on to something! After finding their website and then speaking with the Camps Director..........I knew right away that this would be the PERFECT choice of camps for my 12 yr old son to experience. We made the committment. My son is almost 17 now....and his summers are pre-occupied with working as a lifeguard, teaching swimming, making money, ane chillin'. However, he still talks about / compares his experiences @ Camp with us and others. He hopes to get back as a counselor during one of his summers' off from College. He figures that the renewal of being in the mountains, working under this camps director and leading hikes would be the most compelling diversion from a year of college he could think of!! As well as making some money...! There are VERY FEW camps left in the US that are: solely focused on boys experiencing the beauty and terrain of the mountains - working together in teams for mutual outcomes - that plan hikes away from main camp every week - that encourage self-fortitude and personal independence to rise up from ones core being - and that will both challenge and expand a boys ability to mature and become more self-confident. We all know how hard it is to accomplish this as parents during the course of a year, much less a 5 week period. Yet the affects are both immediate and residual. And there will continue to be VERY FEW trustworthy owner/ directors of camps - now & into the future - that are totally committed to making this experience for young men their personal life's work. That Camp is DeepWoods for Boys! Take your child and go see it for yourself!! Your son will thank you for many years to come. The Colorado Cohen's

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