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Avoid these soccer skill camps Jan 01, 2012
reviewer: Bindy Hopper from Newport news/Yorktown, Va
My daughter attended the NN 3-d soccer camp about 4 years ago. There were about 50 kids in the 3-D soccer camp. However, it wasn't well run and she had a bad time. Last year, she really wanted another soccer camp and knowing that the 3D Soccer camp was SO close to our house we tried it again. This time the camp was down to 9 kids. And it's not hard to figure out why the 3D soccer camps, despite the massive upswing in soccer players, is suffering; they are still poorly run, & in fact, it was far worse than the first year we took it. The manager and owner of 3-D soccer, Mrs. Wilson was difficult and unapologetic towards the incredible inconvenience that was caused by her suddenly changing the camp hours. Upon dropping my child off on the first day of camp was I informed the camp hours were being reduced by 25% and I would have to pick her up early this and each day after. Not only was Mrs. Wilson unpleasant and sent harsh emails calling me the bad parent for wanting my child "outdoors in hot weather" (it was about 10 degree cooler that week then the previous week and it was, after all, an outdoor soccer camp) but she refused to refund ANY of my money until I threatened to sue her. *And* she never apologized to me for her rude behavior, or for forcing me to shift my work schedule to accommodate the reduced camp hours. She informed in an email that "I've done this many times and never had a parent complain." REALLY?! So don't expect to get what you pay for if you take this camp- and for that matter, don't plan anything the week because camp hours, according to Mrs. Wilson's own admission, times change frequently and without warning. Refunds, even when the director changes the camp hours, are not refunded in the least, and considering how much they cost, I highly recommend the CNU soccer camps instead. Better bargain, better instruction, and better administration to deal with if anything should change.

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