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My Second Family is C-A-M-P Feb 23, 2007
reviewer: Madeleine Corliss from Andover, MA
C-A-M-P is marvelous! I learned so much there and made so many new friends. I had a blast. At first I wasnít so sure I wanted to go because I was afraid of being away from home for almost two weeks. When I got there I cried for about an hour and then my mom left and I started talking to people and getting to know them and I didnít miss home one bit the whole time because I was having so much fun. I made so many friends at C-A-M-P. They are the type of friends who will last a life time. I talk to my C-A-M-P friends at least once a month. I also talk to the staff at C-A-M-P a lot I learned so much from them I continually have gone to them for help on auditions and things like that. Everyone there is so loving and we truly are one big family. We are not just going to a camp when we leave our houses to go to Maine we are going to a second family. On the fourth or fifth night the whole camp had a fire at the lake and we all talked about why we were here and how we got there and at the end of our fire my whole cabin started crying (we were definitely the emotional cabin). None of us wanted to go home and our counselor was very confused she was like you guys still have like a week here. And then we all realized that we still had a week together and that we should have fun while we could. At the end of the camp we have a big performance. We do things at C-A-M-P that you would never thing a bunch of kids from all over America could do in not even two weeks. We all work so hard and because performing is what we all love to do we have a special bond that you cant find anywhere else. We all know how important performing is for each other because we all have that feeling. When I was preparing for the first talent show I was thinking OMG I am going to be able to see every ones expressions and I will know if they didnít like it or not but when I got up on stage and looked into my fellow campers eyes all I could see was a lot of people who really cared if I did well and felt good about my performance. And let me tell you we did a lot of standing ovations during those talent shows. Another thing I was worried about when I first decide to go to C-A-M-P was if the food was good. I have been to other camps and at one of them we even had a song for how bad the food was. At C-A-M-P we have the best food ever! it is so good. I think gained about 5 pounds from eating so much. But lost it all because I had the opportunity to dance at least once a day. All the staff is amazing. They helped us through so much. I learned so much about myself in those short weeks and I learned that I can go away from home and I will survive away form my parents. Which is a good thing to know because I want to go to a performing arts high school and all of them are places were I would have to board. Another thing is that the classes are amazing. In the dance class that I took we each choreographed a could of three and put it together and it turned out great. And in my musical theatre class I had so much fun and learned a lot about what I can do with my voice. And each of us could give feed back on our performances so we could get better and better until our final performance were we knocked everyoneís socks off! I had a blast at C-A-M-P and I can not say enough about how amazing it was and how amazing the people I met there are. I could go on forever about how much fun I had and how much I love the eleven to twelve day we are there. I love being in the C-A-M-P family and hope to stay in it for a very long time.

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