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Lacks adequate supervision and sufficient guidance Jul 11, 2008
reviewer: Virginia Vanderlinde from Seattle
This camp has serious problems with camper supervision and guidance. I would not recommend this camp if your son or daughter has problems with organization, independence, assertiveness, or is particularly shy. We spent over $1200 for 5 days of camp for our son. He is 14 years old and is extremely shy. He has attended camp since he was 7 years old, but still requires a a good degree of supervision. He did not get that at this camp. It is the only time I have ever picked him up from camp and found him distraught. I think if he could have left after the first day, he would have. My son was assigned a room with two other boys, and no adult. Although the counselors did check on them, they were alone in their room most of the time. He was injured the first day and sent to the local clinic for stitches. I was never notified. When they removed him for medical attention, they left his shoes on mountain and he never recovered them (so he was without shoes all week). He received no post-treatment attention or assistance from camp staff-- there is no medical staff on board. He hated the food, which was exactly the same for both breakfast and lunch each day. No snacks were provided during the day, other than the food in the sack lunches they received on mountain. When he sought help from counselors at the lodge nobody was present in either the main or auxiliary offices. (I had trouble finding staff, as well). He was never provided any assistance contacting his parents by phone and somehow, on check-out day, staff allowed him to leave his skis on mountain, which caused a lot of consternation in retrieving them. Ascending Blackcomb Mountain to the glacier in summer is a huge effort. It requires two lifts, a bus ride and a T-bar. My son fell off the T-bar every single day and had to climb the glacier on his own in boots, carting his poles,backpack, and skis with him. By the time he got to his lesson, he was already exhausted. When I complained, the staff was unsympathetic and arrogant. They blamed my son for a lack of stamina and assertiveness and told me it was his own fault he had a poor experience. They took responsibility for nothing. (My son is a long distance runner, swimmer and experienced skier, and participates in a weight training program-- he's in great physical shape). The ski and snowboard coaches are really good, and he learned a lot. But he didn't have much fun. If your kid is anything but extraordinarily assertive, don't send him/her to this camp. If your kid won't like climbing the glacier by foot in temperatures in the 80s, don't send him/her to this camp. If you want or your kid needs extra supervision and guidance, don't choose this camp. I heard from some folks at Sturtevant's in Seattle (where we get our equipment) that Mt. Hood has a much better program. We'll try that next year.

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