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C-A-M-P is a place we open up our eyes. Jul 01, 2007
reviewer: Domi L. from Dover, NH
When my dad and I pulled into the dirt road of C-A-M-P it looked all too familier. I'd been to over night camps before and they had been "okay". With my slight bit of skepticism, and my huge purple trunk in tow, I went to the check in counter. What is your name? Drop medications here if you have any. Sign here, etc. Soon I was introducted to my counsler Allison and my CIT Mollie who were abundant with excitment. Their enthusiasm instantly erased any nervous jitters I had about metting my fellow cabin (which would happen in 2 minutes). "Hi, I'm Mollie. I'll be your CIT and you are going to be in the cabin Arapahoe." So I followed Mollie up the tree root infested hill to my cabin. When I opened the door, I was taken aback by the hustle and bustle of moms and daughters unpacking and saying their last words to each other. As nonchalantly as I could, I picked a bunk and started unpacking. I thought my presence had gone unoticed until someone finally made a comment. "Wow, you sure are a pro at unpacking". I look up to see a mom standing to my right. She introduced my to her daughter Diana, and Diana and I starting our friendship while I finished unpacking. Eventually everyone in our cabin had said goodbye to their parents and we all went down to the lakeside to get to know each other. As corny as it sounds, with in minutes the Arapahoes were laughing and talking to each other as if we had been best friends for years. As the days passed we met other kids in C-A-M-P and became accustomed to our scheduele. Wake up at the crack of dawn (which none of us were very fond of) and go breath fresh morning air. We proceed to breakfast and then morning sing lead by pianist and singer extrodinare, Jose. We all leared what electives we were placed in. I was in Musical Theatre (learn how to effectivly sing an audition song and grab the audiance) and Callback (how to audition for a show, comercial, etc.) Within a few days I had come to learn that this was not like any of the other overnight camps I had gone to. I fell in love with the fact that I could wake up and find people who were involved and amused with the same things I am. At night we would have special themed nights. Talent shows, dances, movie knows, etc. My favorite night was beach night, the 4th night of C-A-M-P. We all sat around the campfire and ate smores. We sung, we talked, we shared what we liked about C-A-M-P so far, etc. And then one of the Arapahoes started to cry, Emily. And then another, Megan. And then I noticed tears trickling down my own cheeks. I looked around with watery eyes to see that every one of the Arapahoes was crying. Allison, our consler, came over to us and was like "Uhm...what wrong...?" Clearly confused about the situation. We all figured out that we were crying because we did want to leave camp. Allison said, "Now you guys know what I was talking about the first night I met you guys when I said you would remember C-A-M-P forever." That night brought all fo us close together. Everyone, not just individual cabins, were inseprable. You could always stop and pause, and hear a variety of sounds. People singing, kids laughing, monolouges being recited, a prank being pulled on someone, and people just acting like they were we all knew this was our sanctuary. The last night of C-A-M-P came all too soon. We huddled around a huge fire and had a goodbye service lead by Roy and Eileen Rogasin, the father and mother of C-A-M-P. We shared stories, practed a Sukie (spelling?) welcome that we learned in the beginning of C-A-M-P, and all got very nostalgic. Then we all got a lit candle. Roy intruscted us to go up to the fire, when ever we felt liek it, as long as it took, and say one word that reminded us of C-A-M-P and throw the candle in the fire. People soon started to emerge with tears in their eyes. Words were being muttered everywhere. Fun. Amazing. Hope. Life. Friends. And then one little boy went up to the fire and said "Home." That night was a tearful goodbye. We all went to bed wishing we could spend more time here. While it may sound like all we did at C-A-M-P was sing and cry, there was so much more to it. At the end of C-A-M-P we put on a grand show of musical group numbers, ballads, dance solos, acrobatics, monologes, even stilt walking! As I am writing this I can't believe it's been over 10 months sense I was last at C-A-M-P. I have kept in touch with almost all fo my friends I met there and even been able to meet up with a few. I thought the time for C-A-M-P 2007 would NEVER come, and now it's almost here. C-A-M-P is a place for people to bond. To make new friends. To find themselves. And to "find and their your voice with people far and near" as sung in our C-A-M-P song. I can't wait to see when this years sessions will hold. C-A-M-P 2007, here we come!

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