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C-A-M-P is Amazing Jun 01, 2009
reviewer: Emily Byrne from
Summer of 2008, I went to C-A-M-P for my first time. I had been sent a brouchure in the mail, and registered instantly after i realized that this is exactly what I had been looking for. It seemed as though it would fit my personality and interests perfectly. This being my first time at sleepaway camp, I was very nervous to stay away from home for two weeks, and I also had the fear of not making any friends. However, as soon as I arrived I felt welcome. Strait from the moment I walked through the doors to check in I was treated with the up most kindness and love. I was directed to my cabin and there I met up with my Sarah, my counselor and my CIT. They had already hand-made a sign on the door with all of the people in my cabin's names on it. They greeted me with big smiles as I was one of the first in my cabin to arrive. I chose my bed, and sat there with my parents. Three more girls entered, then three more. Soon enough all eight of us were in the cabin. My parents left, and I started to feel a little awkward by myself. Not for long. My first half hour at C-A-M-P was a little shakey, however I promise you this- by the end of the first night I had made seven of the best friends I will ever have in my lifetime. I loved and still love all of my 2008 cabin mates, along with my counselor and CIT. I am not the only one, however. I can gaurentee that absolutely everyone who goes to camp will make some of the best friends ever, as everyone did. If you are shy, there is no need to worry. The counselors all do nothing but make sure all of the campers are happy, healthy, and having the best time possible. All of the course directors care for you, and make sure you feel as at home as you possibly can away from home. The directors of camp, Eileen and Roy Rogosin, are always there for any questions you might have, and if you need the slightest bit of practice with something for a talent show, or need to work on your music for a seminar, they are right there with open arms. Every day at camp you will have two specialty seminars chosen by you, along with free periods, breakfast, lunch, and dinner periods, swim periods, mentor meeting periods, and more. Along with that, there will be pleanty of nightly activities that the whole camp participates in. Some of my favorites of last year were the cabin themed fashion show, the huge tarp put on the hill with soap and water to slip and slide down on, greasy watermellon, star gazing with stories, and many more. Also, almost every night you will go to a campfire on the campfire circle, where everyone has a chance to talk about anything in the world they would like to talk about in front of the campers and staff. You can speak your peace about how you have been at camp, thank all the wonderful staff members and your amazing friends, or anything. Also, there are two full camp talent shows that everyone must participate in some way or another. There is a camp prom, where you have the chance to dress up or dress down to meet and dance with all of your friends. Also at the end of camp there is a banquet where every single camper is awarded a cirtificate that is personal between the camper and the councelor. The last night of camp was one of the saddest and most wonderful nights I have ever experianced. We had a camp fire on the beach, rather than in the campfire circle, and all recieved memorial rocks. Overall, C-A-M-P is one of the best places on the world. A true home away from home.

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