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ONCE AGAIN, Deepwoods provides ultimate in boy to man! Aug 28, 2008
reviewer: George Cohen from Savannah, GA
This was my son's 3rd. Summer at Deepwoods. After school ended this year all he could talk about is how soon could he get back to western NC and Deepwoods. What on earth could possibly motivate a 13 year old to want to go back to a hard camp to master a strenuous activity program that nevers seems to let up? LEADERSHIP! Once again Kells Hogan and his incredible couselors sufficiently motivated my son to become all he can be and more.... more leadership skills, hiking, camping, rock climbing, canoeing, cooking, cleaning, reading the map and most importantly how to get along with others while physically/mentally being tested. This year he yearned to lead the other newer campers, strived to be like the other rangers and counselors so that he might follow in their footsteps sooner rather than later. Yes, again he returns to us calmer, wiser and more intouch with himself and the world. I don't think he touched the video games for at least a week after being home! Words can not express how our family feels about his experience at Deepwoods. I can say how proud we are of him, how we all notice the maturity and presence of mind he derives from those weeks in the Mountains...being a boy on his way to becoming a great man. Make no doubt, Kells trully provides the ultimate boy to man experience, like no other camp can.

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reviewer: George Cohen from Savannah, GA
Our 12-year-old son attended Deepwoods for the first time last summer. We chose this camp after hearing how great it was from my brother and his son who attended a few years ago. He traveled from Denver, CO. to attend. We knew from the positive feed back from my nephew that this would be an amazing experience where our son would learn to be confident, independent, and become a strong young man with a sense of value. We were looking for a truly hands on wilderness camp for our son. We sent him to a religious based over night camp the summer before Deepwoods and were taken back at the end of the four weeks that our son never used his hiking boots and did not have any true outdoor overnight camping. Most kids had their electronic devices and the whole camping idea was lost. We wanted an environment for our son to experience nature; serious hiking, that would last several days or more and learn the basics of survival in the woods, map reading, sense of direction, following a trail, getting along in a tough environment where one has to pull his own weight, think of the team, not just themselves. Jared, being 11 and never experiencing such a rigorous program before, we decided to check in with Kells the first week to make sure he was all right- then the fun began... The letters that started coming home, in his own words, “you cannot even imagine the things that we are doing!” “I am having the time of my life!” these boys were on the trail from day one- bringing their meals- and camping out night after night in the beautiful mountains and literally hiking their buts off. Learning all the responsibilities of setting up camp, gathering wood, building a proper fire, cooking, what and what not to do to protect the forest now and in the future, all the attitude that seems to be lacking due to no experience in the woods. This was a life altering experience for our son to say the least. He was a changed boy when he came home. He was more self reliant and sufficient, respectful and grateful for everything especially the things that he had completely taken for granted….Mom’s home cooked meals, etc. He learned how to be a true leader under Kells careful yet fun program on how to run a camp for boys. The program that Kells offers, I am sorry to say, is becoming a lost art and a lost outlet for young people to experience camp the way it was when I went to camp in N.C. as a young man. Too many young children today have never experienced “unplugging” the TV, the headphones, the video games, etc for an extended time. Leaving all that interruption behind and getting quiet, getting in touch with yourself and experiencing the great outdoors. We all know that kids need a sense of perspective that just cannot come from a screen! Kells’ program offers that rare perspective. Our son has not stopped talking about returning this summer. He is heading back and has already asked about staying for the whole season…We miss him when he is gone, but we would miss even more what he gets out it! George & Ruth Cohen

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