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A Magical Summer Experience - Theatrical Hogwarts Mar 09, 2012
reviewer: Miquela A. Cruz from Chicago, IL
First, this isn't a Day camp. It is strictly overnight, for 1-, 3- or 6-weeks. It's more than theater, it's sports, tech, yoga, Zumba, arts, crafts and most importantly FUN. Lifelong friendships are made her. Classes are taught by theater and sports enthusiasts in addition to theatrical professionals. The staff has fun, the kids have fun. There is not only a very high turnover of kids from summer to summer, there are also third generation campers attending Harand. It's not at a traditional camp site, it's on a college campus so no dirty cabins, dangerous animals or poisoned plants. There is a black box theater, air-conditioned buildings, actual theater, full cafeteria, indoor heated pool and beautiful views of Lake Michigan. Send your kids here so they can experience the wonder and magic that is Harand.

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Theater in the Sun is Fun Mar 09, 2012
reviewer: Miquela A. Cruz from Chicago, IL
Your child might cry their eyes out the first night at sleepaway camp. But Harand is so excellent that they will cry even harder when they leave. Those that come to stay for only 1 week call home begging to stay for 3 or 6 weeks. It is a Musical Theatre camp but it is also a Sports camp. There is something for everyone. Children develop skills not only on stage, but also socially, in sports and personally. For almost 60 years Harand has been enriching the lives of children and creating literal life long friendships. My counselor from when I was 13 was just the Maid of Honor in one of my closest friend's wedding. The 90+ founder of camp (who used to be a successful vaudevillian actress, oh the stories she tells) is still teaching at camp and is very involved in all aspects of camp, including getting to know the campers. The children are taught not just by college students but also by theater professionals. It's like a Master Class everyday. Kids take singing, acting and dancing classes every day but also choose electives like improv, arts and crafts, theater tech, swimming, yoga and recently we added a certified Zumba classes. We had a history of musical theatre class and a class devoted to Harry Potter. It changes every year so returning campers always have something new to choose. But a lot go back to old favorites (like improv and Zumba). The camp is currently at Carthage College in Kenosha, WI. This means no physical "cabins" but dorm rooms instead. This also means, a better and wider variety of food than at most other camps, indoor heated pool, and actual theater space including a black box theater. Children have more personal space than in some other camps and no chance of poison ivy. This camp is one of the best investments that you can make in the development of your child.

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