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Camp Quinerbage Apr 25, 2010
reviewer: Matthew Mandrus from Massachussetts
First off, I have been a part of the Camp Q family since I was 9 years old...I am 18 now. Back then, I was very ill and my parents were looking for a camp that would let me take it easy and have a flexible schedule of my choosing...they were very lucky to find Camp Quinebarge. Camp Q thrives in what a lot of summer camps fail to do, which is make summer camp seem like a summer CAMP, not summer school. The camps I attended before I found Quinebarge did not make me excited to wake up in the morning. The reason being is because these camps had set schedules just like school does. The schedules would often consist of activities a lot of us campers did not want to do, making us feel forced to do them. Camp Q approaches things very differently. Instead of having a set schedule, YOU get to choose what you want to do. Every Sunday, the campers write down in order what they want their activities to be for the week. This not only lets campers choose what they want to do, but they can work their schedules in with their friends. Suppose you are a camper who decides you don't want to do sports first thing in the morning, all you have to do is put down an easygoing activity such as archery or arts and crafts...and you get what you want! Suppose you are the athletic type who wants to run around all day, just fill your schedule with sports, climbing wall, etc....What more can you ask for? Picking and choosing your own schedule makes camp a lot more fun and less like school. The only required activity you must do is swim lessons, which all campers should do anyway. Camp has many other great aspects to it. The daily meals are great. Everything is made from scratch with fresh goods delivered weekly. I know this from personal experience working in the kitchen. Camp also has many great field trips. Every year, a trip director is hired to take campers out on hikes. Every other morning, he will have a sign up list for kids that want to go on that day, but with limited entree of course. No worries though, the trip director always makes sure that everyone gets equal chances to go on hikes. Also, every Tuesday the the whole camp goes on a field trip ranging from the Ocean to Whale's Tale Water Park! The greatest aspect that Camp Q has, in my opinion, is the counselors. Camp Q is associated with a company called CCUSA which connects foreigners to the U.S. to find summer jobs as they explore America for the first time. Therefore, Camp has a wide verity of foreign counselors who speak all many different languages and of course have learned to speak English. The counselors are friendly, and always have things to share about their home countries as you teach them about America. They are young, mature and they are great at getting everyone involved. That is another great thing about Camp Q, everyone is involved. No one is singled out, regardless of their age. Everyone is treated as equal so no one is treated as an outcast. Bullying an individual is NEVER tolerated and does not go without notice. Everyone is friendly to one another and there are rarely any dramatic quarrels. I think that covers just about all the major topics. The only negative I would say is that over the years, the # has campers attending has gone down...this is not the camps fault however. Every since the economy has gone to the dumps, a lot of people have been forced to find cheaper summer camps. Camp Q is a little pricey but it is HIGHLY worth it. I highly recommend getting in touch with Camp Quinebarge. It's a flexible, fun and safe summer camp that your kids will enjoy just like I did... -Matthew

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