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Three Years of Happiness Aug 10, 2011
reviewer: Jennifer Bestor from Silicon Valley, CA
This is my son's third year at CVTC. He loves it. The tennis instruction is very good, while the rest of the camp is positive and fun. We recommended it to a friend in France, who's sent his daughter there for two years now -- a great way of improving her spoken English AND her tennis. Most impressive to me is that the camp really emphasizes good sportsmanship on top of good tennis skills. Since I have no illusions that my son will be the next Rafael, Roger or Andre, I really appreciate their efforts to ensure that he will always be sought as a gracious, cooperative player. I also like the fact that he comes back relaxed, tanned (but not sunburnt), and confident -- he's gotten the benefits of both a great summer experience and some focused skill building.

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Spanish @ Bemidji - Magnifico Aug 10, 2011
reviewer: Jennifer Bestor from Silicon Valley, CA
My 12yo son just attended Concordia Language Camp in Bemidji (El Lago del Bosque) for the first time. He loved it and (better yet) came back happily speaking Spanish. (Yes, it was Spanglish, but he'd made the leap to Spanish with some English words, rather than English with a Spanish noun or two.) He had had about the equivalent of a quarter's high-school Spanish going there, just enough to have a vague idea of what was going on. His Spanish teacher (who evaluated him afterwards) was startled at the improvement and now agrees that he can 'skip' a grade of Spanish. (This also required book work and tutoring, but the fluency pushed him over the bar.) Also wonderful -- he came back happy and well-exercised. It seems to be a very positive place, with enough autonomy that he felt pretty grown-up (this was his first far-away camp). Also, all day long they seem to play Latino dance music on the main plaza, with kids dancing, which he loved. (Sports and craft activities seem to go on regularly, too.) As a result, he went out on a 33-mile bike ride the day after his return -- about 3000' of climbing over four hills -- with no sore muscles or lack of stamina. !! The cabins were comfortable (I flew there with him and checked it out), the food was very good (his feedback), and the staff were friendly and caring.

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