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When Bad Camps Happen to Good Kids Jul 30, 2011
reviewer: Lugene Forte from CT
I sent my daughter who is 9 to Camp Half Moon in June 2011 for a sleepover real camp experience. I would not recommend this camp to anyone. The facilities were run down and the bathrooms were unclean. The only redeeming feature was their fun cooking class where they decorated and made cupcakes. However for $1,400 a week it's safe to say you could start your own bakery. The lake was also very pretty but if you don't water-ski it's not really worth paying the extra 150 to ride on a tube. The activities were not engaging and she was very bored. All her notes home said how sad she was and how mean the counselors were. Also she mentioned they were forced to swim every day very early in the freezing dirty pool. Luckily I only committed to one week because she hated it. She has been to other overnight camps before but I thought I would try something co-ed and more outdoorsy for her. I made a very big mistake choosing Half Moon. The staff does not have any responses or assume any responsibility. She also had a lifeguard throw her sunglasses in the Lake for spite. Overall, it was a horrible week that she regrets doing, and I just hope I didn't traumatize her for future more high-end camps. If you are looking into Half Moon I would reconsider and do not assume the way it is presented in their web-site is authentic. I would be very hesitant to send any child overnight there. However, if you had no other camp options and had to do day camp there I would suggest dropping by unannounced to check up on my child...What you see in this case is the opposite of what you get..

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