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Name: Mother M
Location: Orlando, FL
Profession: Professional
About Me: Mother of 3 grown children. Loves family, vacations, sunsets, grandbaby and black pug, Philo.

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Best Boys Camp in the USA Apr 27, 2007
reviewer: Mother M from Orlando, FL
Crafts, horseback riding, fancy bedding, gourmet food, video games, IPods - you won't find it at Deep Woods camp. Hiking, zip cording, swimming in the lake, canoeing, cooking over camp fire, sleeping under the star, fresh air, this you will find. If your son loves the outdoors and is in good shape to hike the mountains in North Carolina..... you may want to look into this great camp. This camp is right outside Ashville, N.C. or 45 minutes from Greenville, S.C. in a beautiful spot in the mountains. When my son was in middle school I threaten to find a camp and send him to it as soon as possible one day when he and I were at opposite ends. He begged me to let him find it and off to the internet he went and came back with a print out of Deep Woods Camp. He is a senior in college and still going to camp, but as a counselor now. This camp lasts a minimum of 4 weeks and up to 10 weeks which seems like a long time for a Mom, but my son would call at the end of a session and ask to stay longer. I would complain that we didn't get to see him all summer and he would say "You have me all school year - I love this place and want to stay". The ratio of camper to counselor is amazing!! He would come home and talk for hours about all the fun he had. Now this is not a camp for whiners or babies. You do a lot of hiking and no one is interested in your tired bones or sore legs. They start out with day hikes, work to overnight, then 3 day trips and end with a week on the trail. The boys carry everything in their backpacks for the trip. This includes extra clothes, cans of food, matches to start the campfire, sleeping bags, etc. The owner, Kells Hogan, believes that kids these days don't have time in their busy schedules to enjoy the outdoors which I am in complete agreement. My son is not heavy by any means, but when he gets home from camp - he if very buff!! Leave your electronic equipment home for it is not allowed at this camp. My son would say there is nothing like being on top of the mountain, breathing clean fresh air, and listening to the wildlife. He loved sleeping in a hammock tied to trees under the stars at night. The boys all have duties when at camp such as helping with dinner and keeping the grounds clean. When on the trails they have responsibilities such as cooking, gathering wood for the camp fire, cleaning up, finding water, etc. They will bath in the river (now I am not sure how much bathing middle school kids do) Looking back over all these years I can write about the things my son learned which never dawned on me at the time but as a senior in college - I can see it now. Deep Woods Camp helped him to: 1. Get along with kids his own age, those a few years older and respect his elders. 2. He learned how to survive in the woods. I really feel my son could be dropped in the middle of a forest and find his way out and find food to eat until he did. 3. He learned to respect the environment and to appreciate our wildlife and how precious it is to our future. 4. He learned responsibility of caring for others and patience in teaching those younger than himself. 5. He learned how to cook on an open fire and cook in general. 6. He learned all types of trees, plants, how to purify water. 7. He learned how to endure blisters and sore legs. 8. He learned how to handle a canoe and rock climb. 9. Just recently he told him that camp taught him how to be away from home and be happy. He said you have no idea how many kids are homesick for months when they first go to college. 10. He learned how to keep good grades in school to be able to attend and stay at camp as long as he wanted. 11. He learned not to be a picky eater. 12. He learned to keep his space neat and clean. 13. He learned how to teach boys younger than him all the above. This is a very wholesome camp. Leave all illegal items at home for it will not be tolerated and kids will be sent home that do not abide by the rules. Don't get me wrong, there is a lot of fun, horsing around and games that boys that age play. I always felt that my son was safe when he was at camp and around boys with the same interest. I still do!! This camp is very inexpensive when you figure it last for 4 weeks and they are housed and feed well this whole time along with all they get to do. You will be investing in a good form fitting backpack, hiking shoes or good tennis shoes, light sleeping blanket, (bascially hiking gear) My son loves to spend time in outdoor stores and reads many reviews to make sure he gets the best deal and right equipment!! But he hates a shopping mall. You can't go wrong with this camp if you have a son that loves the outdoors and everything that goes along with it.

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