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WONDERFUL CAMP! Mar 09, 2011
reviewer: Tanya Cordes from
I attended and coached at the camps held by At The Matinee. You really won't find a better camp or group of coaches. It's been many years since I attended camp and I still think of my time spent at camp as an absolutely wonderful experience. I am so glad that I got to go to camp when I was doing gymnastics. I have seen how others train at different gyms and I am still most impressed with the coaching that I have seen AT The Matinee. I also continue to tell people that I wish that At The Matinee was still in my area so that the young kids that I know now could train with the very best. If there are parents out there trying to decide if you should send your kids to definitely should. It's a place where you make a lot of good memories and learn a lot of good life skills, too. You get to train really hard, learn new skills, perfect the ones that you already have, and have a really great time while making new friends! In general, I have seen nothing but really great gymnasts and really great kids come out of the programs held by this gym. The kids are always very disciplined, hard working, respectable, and kind. The kids are also always good students in school and are just great people to be around. Also, remember that you get to have a lot of fun with crafts and getting charms for your charm necklace. It's a very well balanced program and I am sure that your kids will LOVE it!! :) :) :)

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