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From Dubai to Brevard Dec 01, 2011
reviewer: Taras Ettl from Dubai, United Arab Emirates
My wife and I are from Germany and Austria and we live in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. As a young kid I used to spend my summers in British Columbia and the father of my host family would take me and my host brothers and cousines on hikes across Canada. The West Coast Trail obviously in particular left a lasting memory in my head. As our son turned 13 last summer I was anxious to send him off to have the very same experience; be out in nature, find the path, go hungry and enjoy your meal, put on a fire and sharing stories with your buddies as you cuddle around the fire at night. My research took weeks and Deep Woods Camp for Boys would come up over and over again when I laser focused on my requirements: no TV, no cell phones, nature, hikes, more nature, more hikes; in short none of what I call Wellness Camps for spoiled kids. I then contcated Kells Hogan, the founder of the Camp, and discovered in him one of the most remarkable personalities: straight forward, fast responses to my questions, at all times assuaging my concerns, a man on his mission and most important of all, a true gentleman in the way he communicates. Kells is what we would call in German Alte Schule or Old School. You can rest assured that your boy will be in good hands; the leadership is handlded by former Deep Woods campers who now are young men, attending college, but who see it as their duty to guide the boys as Rangers through nature and provide support and guidance. What Kells has created is not just a camp; it is a life philosophy. Our son Jarek will be attending Summer Camp 2012; perhaps the two boys from Venezuela (!) he met there will also be there again. Get this: the smallest camp on earth draws boys from Dubai and Venezuela. Trust me: if you want for your boys to experience a little challenge amidst this computerised world of iphones and Playstations then take the initiative, send an e-mail to Kells and sign him up for an unforgettable experience. I am deeply impressed with this camp. Kells and his Rangers are running not only the smallest camp in this universe but also the most authentic and coolest in all of the United States.

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