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Its Great to have Assurance! Sep 05, 2008
reviewer: Tina Flowers from Kingman
Camp Assurance is an amazing place for everyone. Our kids have been blessed by camp since they were first old enough to go. This past year our oldest who was 17 did not even wait for me to ask for her phone when she got out at camp.. she flew out of the car and threw her phone back inside. I almost fell over. Since we all know that 17 year old girls are attached to their phones. She has formed friendships at camp that will last a life time and always leaves in tears because she knows she wont see some of these kids for another year. My kids love the food and all the games. They don't stop talking about camp for weeks after they come home. Of course since one daughter is 10 and one is 17 their favorite things about camp are different. But Camp has so many great things to do and be involved in that its great for all ages. One likes zippy and the rock wall and horseback ridding and the other likes those too but enjoys competitive games and walks with their friends and just being aloud to be them self with out the world telling them they are weird because they don't listen to this music or watch those shows. They can be around other kids that are all trying to live by the same set of rules and standards for their life. My favorite part is when they both come home with a renewed sweet spirit and a glow that only comes from spending quality time with the Lord. Time spent at camp is different than the distracted time they can spend at home in devotions. I hear camp songs months after camp has come and gone. I am so thankful for the life changing decisions that each of our girls have made at camp each year. The services are geared to them and the worldly stuff they have to live in today. They love their counselors who are screened very closely to have strong moral character and a Godly testimony. The camp is an amazing for all ages. I try to attend the ladies retreats twice a year. The food is amazing and the fellowship is great, but the undistracted time with God and inspiration and challenges from the excellent guest speakers are priceless. I could go on and on about all the wonderful things about Camp Assurance. Above all I am so thankful that we have a place that is totally focused on helping our kids grow in to Godly adults ready to serve God with their whole heart where ever he leads them. There are so many people that make camp a great, safe, fun and unforgettable place to go. From the people who pray for all involved, to the counselors, horse care givers, kitchen staff, of course the speakers and organizers, and I know I left areas of service out but they all have helped make our many many years of camp experiences AWESOME. I pray God will richly bless all those who help at camp! I cant wait for the weekend and my chance to go to ladies retreat for the first time this year.

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