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Great place to send your kids. Feb 28, 2010
reviewer: Alan Smith from Scotland
As a returning counsellor, I laugh at two out of the three reviews I've read. If you are considering sending your child(ren) here then don't pay much notice to the bad reviews of this camp. OK there may be some down points to it (none that I can think of) but they're nothing compared to what these people are stating. Every summer camp has their strengths and weaknesses. For one, snakes are not disposed of by shotgun blasts. Not in my experience anyway. Counsellors in my time being there have been able to give the kids in to trouble for something that they have done wrong and they especially don't swear. At least not the younger ones. The camp has very good facilities and although the swimming pool may not be Olympic sized, many of the campers opt to swim in the lake anyway. Counsellors are not asked to instruct in activities that they know nothing about. There are however times when a counsellor who is not a professional in the field of the activity is asked to help supervise the children. I also had no problems with bugs in the cabins although in saying this you should expect there to be bugs when you stay in a forestry, mountainous area. All in all Camp Blue Ridge is an extremely good camp with friendly staff if you are looking to send your child(ren) to this camp DO!!!!!! Camp Blue Ridge Counsellor (2009, 2010) Sorry for the lack of paragraphs but the system doesn't allow it.

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