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Tropical Marine Biology Nov 14, 2013
reviewer: Joanna Harr from Ann Arbor, MI
I am a college senior who spent last summer on the Tropical Marine Biology program. I definitely recommend it to anyone who can afford time during their summer months! We went SCUBA diving at least once a day during the three week trip and learned about sailing and marine biology at the same time! The college credit transferred to my university and counted for my distribution requirements. The sailing was absolutely incredible, since we sailed from island to island in the leeward islands, experiencing the French West Indies and the Dutch Antilles. The problem is now that we learned to dive in the beautiful warm clear waters of the caribbean, nothing can compare! My biggest complaint about the program is that it is clearly a program for children slightly modified to accommodate for adults. That is, everyone on my trip was 18-22 years old, but we had very strict schedules and a "leader of the day" and talked about our "glows and glums" of the day. We were treated like children with respect to both the scheduling and the food. Obviously, we had to eat things that would store well on a boat in the heat, but I've got to believe that they could have provided more nutritious food than macaroni & cheese. Overall, though, the program was an incredible experience. If you don't mind eating junky food for a couple weeks, I'd absolutely recommend going on this diving program. The diving is what is emphasized on this program over the sailing and academics, which is something that I particularly enjoyed.

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Tropical Marine Biology Nov 07, 2013
reviewer: Joanna Harr from Ann Arbor, MI
I am a college student who spend a couple weeks of my summer (2013) doing the Tropical Marine Biology program in the Caribbean. I'd highly recommend this to anyone who can afford a few weeks of their summer. We dove at least once every day (and gained SCUBA advanced certifications), studied Marine Biology (which transfers to my university as natural science credit!) and did some advanced sailing. The learning was hands- on, as we'd discuss something in the textbook and dive later that day to go examine it in person. My only complaint was that it was clearly a trip designed for children tailored to college students. That is, we were very micro-managed with our time management and activities, which was awkward because we were between the ages of 18 and 23. Overall, though, it was an incredible experience that I would absolutely repeat if I had the chance. For me, the academia was not particularly challenging, even though I had never been exposed to marine biology before. The focus of the program was definitely the diving. That being said, the diving was absolutely incredible. I am so spoiled from learning to dive in the clear warm waters of the caribbean.

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