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Gotta Love C-A-M-P Mar 28, 2007
reviewer: Kelsey Van Vlack from Monmouth, ME
When I went to camp I thought that I would autmaticly be left out and was worried sick. My mom was reasurring me and as soon as I got there and got my nervousness done I realised that she was right. I had taken the creative writing course and it helped me alot with expressing my feelings and how people would comment on my work. Waking up in the morning and such and singing everyday defiantly improved me and my friends agree I am much better. I have to thank Laura my AWESOME counciler by how much she helped me with everything, the people in my cabin were awesome no matter WHAT we were talking about :). The Talent Shows we had down were amazing, I met new friends and I am hoping to come back for another year. I know that there is a certain spot I have reserved for camp in my heart. I can never forget how welcoming the camp and staff were and the food! Don't get me started, I think that I gained weight while there! The chefs were amazing and everything there was great. The Final Campfire is what got me though. I remember swearing that I wouldn't cry and I would be there for my new friends. But soon enough after we had started talking I was crying, I think most of us had. It was a very emotional thing. We had come to be a giant family by the end of the time. I never though that I could feel that way about a group of people and staff, I was just amazed by certain singers in my cabin who could sing better than some of the professionals. They would even put up with my crazy antics and weird ramblings. I think that the one thing about C-A-M-P that will never change is that how the staff treat you like family and friends not that other kid you have to watch, I hope that when I do come back everyone will be there. I just think that the song we had sung 'Seasons of Love' from Rent matched most of us. We didn't know how to measure the time we had together, we could have said it was just days but deep inside it felt like so much more than that. We had gone through the hardships of missing home and the great times of making friends and savanger hunts. Stargazing and Dancing, I think that if there was ever any camp that a person deserved to go to one it is Creative Arts Music And Performance. It's the best camp and I don't think I will ever forget it. It was the best experience. I've been changed for the better. :)

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