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C-A-M-P creates a perfect summer and artistic community Feb 19, 2007
reviewer: Mollie from NH
I was a C.I.T last year at CAMP. I met the Rogosins before but i didn't really know what or who to expect. It was my first year there and I knew the staff have been connected through CAMP for a long time. They have the strongest bond because of what CAMP offered them, but when i drove in, i was immediately welcomed by all the staff. I felt the beginning of a new life-changing exerience for me and for our campers. And it was. I loved being with the campers, staff, and guests all day swimming across the lake and singing show tunes. There were no differences between all of us; we were all part of one big picture that made last year's CAMP experience magical. There's a special feeling you get at CAMP that resonates with you for months afterwards. I witnessed kids break out of their shells, make new friends, and learn new things. Everything from creative writing to improv. to Shakespeare was fun, informative, and lively. The new site for CAMP is so green and open and all safe. There are professional doctors, lifegaurds and counselors all over if a kid needs or wants anything. And most importantly, there is always PB&J if needed throughout the day. :) As a C.I.T, I learned so much from the counselors by observing and helping them. I also learned from the campers every single day. As a performer, I stepped over my safety line and sang! I dance for the most part and when I was encouraged to let my voice be heard, I tried. From that, I'm stepping even farther by opening up my voice and learning as much as I can. That's what CAMP is all about: finding and sharing your voice. As a person, I gained a lot of self-confidence and friendships. I can't wait to be staff at CAMP this summer and grow even more through my friends: the campers, staff, and the Rogosins. You must check out CAMP online or call someone who has been there. It is such a great experience. I can never thank the CAMP community enough for everything they have done for me and for themselves last year and I hope to see everyone again this year.

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