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Adventure Treks... we loved it! Oct 14, 2009
reviewer: Pr from
I have only good things to say about Adventure Treks. My son had an amazing time and asked, as soon as I picked him up, if he could go again next year. I was very impressed with the level of professionalism and training the staff had. The communication with parents was beyond what I had anticipated. I was really fortunate that we live near the airport where the trip began and ended. I was able to see my son with the kids and the instructors. I have to say, I had tears in my eyes as these instructors came up to me one by one and talked about my son and what an amazing young man he is. (They aren't always so wonderful at home but we know it is there!) I saw the very real and deep connections as they all said good bye. The thoughtful written evaluations of my son that I received after the course were wonderful. The caliber of staff and kids alike made the experience what it was. My son "loved" everyone and I really got the feeling he was truly loved by the staff and kids alike. More importantly I feel he was at his best there. His leadership abilities were noticed and he apparently really stepped up in helping to create positive norms in the group. I feel that the AT staff try their best to screen the kids before they accept them into the program and I truly appreciate this goal. We were looking for a wonderful group wilderness experience for a young man about to enter high school. A sort of right of passage. I did not want him in a program for troubled teens or with troubled teens. I looked at a few different programs and talked to the directors of a number of them before deciding on AT. It was really important to me that along with physical safety there was also emotional safety and that the staff would ensure this. For us, this was the case. All around, both my son and I feel the experience exceeded our expectations. I thought it would be good but it was truly exceptional. He is in touch with many of the kids from his group and I think most of them are planning on returning; in fact they had chosen a course together for next summer, while they were on their trip last summer! For our family it was wonderful. For my son, I know it was one of those experiences that punctuates his life. Thank you AT.

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