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Great Camp for creative children Jul 03, 2009
reviewer: Penny D from Concord NH
My son Sam (age 7 going into second grade) attend Camp Invention for the first time this year. I saw the flyers last year and for some reason I didn't sign Sam up. This year i was actively seeking out science camps for Sam. I found the Camp Invention website in early spring and remembered about seeing the flyers the year before. They have Camp Invention all over the country. (I think there was 5 locations in NH alone three of which start next week so it may not be to late to register online) There is a mix of professional teachers and councilors. Here is the description of the program from the website. "A WEEKLONG SUMMER ENRICHMENT DAY EXPERIENCE FOR CHILDREN ENTERING GRADES ONE THROUGH SIX The Camp Invention program instills creative problem-solving and critical-thinking skills that will encourage children's future success. Nothing could be more important than investing in your children today for the betterment of their tomorrow." After reading that and more about the program I was sold. It seemed right up Sam's alley. Many programs though don't meet expectations, this program more then exceed mine and I believe Sam's. Here is a run down of our experience. Sam was in the Red group (groups are by age)a there was 11 children in his group. Every morning they would have "base camp" where I would be leaving Sam doing something fun. The day was broken up into modules. Each module run by a teacher (there as 4 professional teachers at Sam's location) Not every location does the same group of modules and the modules are different each year. The modules from Sam's program can be found here: Discovery Program He did each module every day. I can't tell you which was his favorite becasue he loved them all. Kids bring in a take apart item from home (an broke appliance) Sam brought in his first day an old laptop computer. He could not use it due to some safety issues so he brought in an old hand mixer the next day. (even i was impressed what was inside it LOL) Each kid in encouraged to come up with some 'fantasy invention" with the pieces. Sam didn't get a chance to do that becasue he had such fun taking it apart. He plans to still do something with it though. Every day Sam would come home from learning so many new things and many new adventures. I would ask him on a scale of 1 to 10 how was the day. Every day was always a ten with the exception of the last day. Today he told me it was 10,000. He also said the last day was his favorite.I think he enjoyed watching everything he learned come together. Sam loved the challenges: His group finally start listening to his ideas.(this was a challenge for him since he still gets speech therapy in school) The pride that his groups shelter didn't collapse. The excitement that his idea allowed his team to be the first the ring the bell and coming up with his super hero "Super Shell" the super turtle. There was this great newsletter that came home each day called the 'Invention Connection" It would have a run down of the day, activities for home and the theme for the next day (like bad hair day, silly outfit day, and crazy hat day) It was great. One of the gems was sharing the website. This is a great free interactive website for children about creative thinking, the invention processes and links to fun educational website. . There is even content on the website that ties into his Camp Invention program. (Invent Now Kids and Camp Invention have the same nonprofit parent company National Inventors Hall of Fame Foundation) The last day was topped off with the Inventors Showcase where Sam was able to share everything he learned and did at the program. He is planning on attending again next year(and already can't wait) and his little sister Abby will be old enough to go next year too.

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