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I wish 10 stars were an option... Aug 22, 2008
reviewer: Stephani from South Carolina
Another summer at Deep Woods for my son, and once again, my gratitude is overflowing. While my son experienced homesickness, he stuck out the four weeks, and has since said he was grateful he did. He has talked nonstop (once again) about the funny counselors, tasty food, and challenging hikes. Mountain biking was also a huge hit. For the past 2 summers, my son has returned a different boy. More mature, more settled, more focused. Ready to start the school year with determination. I am sure that determination was built each step of each hike, each step of the Appalachian Trail. My son was encouraged, comforted, and challenged by camp director Kells Hogan. Without his daily presence, I am sure my son's camp experience would have been vastly different. Kells simultaneously allows freedom within camp yet has his eye on all happenings. I never worried for my son while in his care. Deep Woods is a beautiful camp, a wonderful destination for boys who are determined to be boys. My hope would be that my boy grows up to be as wonderful as his counselor, Alex, or any one of the wonderful role models at Deep Woods.

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Beyond every expectation and more! Aug 16, 2007
reviewer: Stephani from greenville,sc
Deep Woods is a parent's dream camp for their son. My son, who isn't the typcial boy, had never spent more than 5 days at a camp, but loved his 4 week session at Deep Woods. He came back a much more confident, mature, solid young man. Unbelievable. He has a deep love for Kells Hogan, who is so much more than a camp director to these boys. Kells has dedicated his life to this mission of letting boys be boys, and more successfully than can be expressed. I loved the camp, cannot believe the small numbers of campers to counselors, and will send my son back next year without blinking an eye!

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