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The Last Holdout Jan 09, 2010
reviewer: Stephen Miller from
The name says it all, Deep Woods Camps for Boys. DWC is deep in the woods, and it is definately just for boys. In fact, it is one of the last places left where your son can truly experience boyhood. Kells Hogan, the director, has, for the last forty years, stubbornly kept the idea alive, of a summer camp where boys can be boys. Kells provides boys what they really crave, a chance to test their limits, to push them beyond what they thought they could ever do, and all the while, have the most fun they probably will ever have. It is a simple philosophy, but one that has been forgotten in our over protected world. I was the “first camper” at DWC in 1970. I can say that DWC was the biggest influence of my life. It got me through that tough adolescent stage, from boy to young man, and provided me with my most cherished memories. That first summer was the best summer of my life, bar none. I didn’t want to come home, much to my mother’s regret. I eventually became a ranger, then counselor, then slowly drifted off into adulthood, and DWC became a memory. I was only too happy to send my son to DWC when he was old enough, and he says now, that those were the best times of his life! He is now a cadet at West Point, and he admits, DWC gave him the inner strength to enter military life. He went to camp with his best friend, and when we all get together and tell two gernerations worth of Deep Woods stories, there are howls of laughter long into the night. Thanks to Kells’ dogged refusal to alter Deep Woods’ schedule, your son’s days will be pretty much like mine were forty years ago. The summer was a blur of overnight hikes in the prettiest mountains God has to offer, canoe trips on whitewater rivers, sliding down waterfalls, day hikes up river gorges, rock climbing, and plenty of tree climbing. During all this, you developed wilderness skills without even realizing it because you were having so much fun. Your son will learn to build a fire in a pouring rain, read a map, use a compass, set up a shelter, pack for a week long hike, and generally feel at home in the woods. He will be pushed beyond his limits, and be a better person for it. He will come home with much more self assurance and quiet confidence. He will learn how to relate to others, how to behave in a group, how to help others, and how to accept help. This all happens, not in an “instruction,” school type atmosphere, but one in which having fun is the first priority. Kells accomplishes all this in a safe enviroment. Food is plentiful, good-not fancy, and there is plenty of hot water in camp to wash off all the dirt. I continually thank Kells, and my parents, for giving me the best summers of my life.

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