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1.ActionQuest Australia and the Great Barrier Reef Sydney, Outside the US & Can
0.0 starsbased on 0 review(s).

Traveling from Sydney in the south to Cape Tribulation in the north, our AQ Australian expedition includes sailing, scuba, surfing, exploration, trekking and community service.

Australia is the sixth largest country in the world and home...

2.ActionQuest Tahiti and French Polynesia Tahiti, Outside the US & Can
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French Polynesia forms part of the Society Islands that were created about three million years ago by huge undersea volcanic eruptions. The result is a group of 118 islands nestled in the heart of the trade winds that offer world-class sailing,...

3.Adventure Marine Expeditions Newport Beach, California
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 Adventure Marine Expeditions offers 3 to 7 day marine science education trips aboard the research vessel PACIFIC MONARCH....

4.Broadreach - Baja Blue Water Scuba Baja, N/A
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 Baja boasts spectacular diving, countless opportunities for adventure and a festive culture, and itís just a two hour flight from Los Angeles. Imagine swimming alongside sea lions, giant manta rays with 15-foot wingspans, hammerheads, huge schools of...

5.Broadreach - Caribbean Arc Sailing Voyage St. Martin, N/A
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 Get set for the adventure odyssey of a lifetime. This voyage spans more than 600 nautical miles of the Lesser Antilles, from the Leeward Islands to just off the coast of South America. The 50-foot yacht you call home for the next month provides an ou...

6.Broadreach - Caribbean Grenadines Advanced Scuba Voyage St. Vincent, Saint Vincent And The Grenadines, N/A
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 Looking for an alternative to traditional teen summer camps? How about scuba camp in Baja, sailing camp in the Caribbean, marine biology camp in the Bahamas or wilderness adventure camp in Costa Rica? These are just a few of the trips offered. Explor...

7.Broadreach - Caribbean Grenadines Advanced Scuba Voyage Windward Islands, N/A
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 The Windward Islands are a sailor's paradise and a diver's dream. These ancient volcanic islands are breathtaking, literally towering out of the sea. Majestic mountain peaks, tranquil valleys, lush rainforests, mountain waterfalls and tremendous divi...

8.Broadreach - Fiji & South Pacific Advanced Scuba South Pacific, N/A
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 With world-class diving, beautiful islands, rich history and unique cultures, the South Pacific is a destination like no other. Dive on breathtaking reefs, pinnacles, walls and WWII wrecks, with guaranteed sightings of big rays, sharks, sea turtles a...

9.Broadreach - Marine Science Accredited Various Locations, N/A
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 Fascinated with the underwater world or interested in becoming a marine biologist? The historic island of San Salvador in the eastern Bahamas offers a unique aquatic world for diving and study. This college-accredited program focuses on the intri...

10.Broadreach - Underwater Discoveries Leeward Islands, N/A
5.0 starsbased on 1 review(s).
 Have you ever spent an hour under the sea exploring a coral reef? Felt the freedom of life aboard a sailing yacht? Met the morning with a plunge overboard? Get ready for an incredible experience because this is only a taste of the adventure. Ou...

11.Broadreach Summer Adventures for Teenagers Various Locations, N/A
5.0 starsbased on 35 review(s).
 Summer adventures for teenagers including scuba, sailing, marine biology, academic and wilderness programs in the Caribbean, Bahamas, Australia, Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama, Ecuador, Fiji, the Solomon Islands, Canada, Mexico and Egypt. No experience...

12.Broadreach West French Indies Immersion West French Indies, N/A
5.0 starsbased on 1 review(s).
 This program offers college-accredited summer adventures abroad for high school students. Backed by over a dozen years of experience in running educational programs for thousands of teenagers, Broadreach combines the finest elements of experiential l...

13.Camp Nicolet for Girls Eagle River, Wisconsin
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 Our guiding principle is learning to live together. We believe that the appreciation and understanding of other people and our environment will result in lasting values, ideals, and friendships. By learning to care for each other and to communicate o...

14.Catalina Sea Camp Avalon, California
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At Catalina Sea Camp we pride ourselves in providing top-notch programs that take full advantage of the amazing land and marine environments of Catalina Island.

Utilizing the best equipment and trained profe...

15.Funky Fish Kids Day SCUBA Camp Lauderdale by the Sea, Florida
0.0 starsbased on 0 review(s).
 This exciting SCUBA Program gives the opportunity to experience the 'Sensation of SCUBA' and 'fly underwater'. Our 3 hour program teaches how to… • Set up their gear • Buddy up • Breathing and mastering skills on SCUBA In our po...

16.Hawaii Extreme Adventure Scuba Camp Kapolei, Hawaii
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 Hawaii Extreme Adventure Scuba Camp has a variety of summer programs in which teenagers and families can enjoy fun in the sun while learning to scuba dive. Any teenager would love to try Hawaii Extreme Adventure Scuba Camp, a two-week scuba camp in t...

17.Odyssey Expeditions Crystal River, Florida
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A true liveaboard adventure that features Sailing, Scuba Diving, Marine Biology and Island Exploration on safe adventures exploring the British Virgin Islands and Windward Islands.

Odyssey Expeditions integrates marine science discoveries...

18.Sail Caribbean - Adventure Travel , Multiple States
1.0 starsbased on 1 review(s).
 Sail Caribbean is a summer adventure camp for teenagers. Since 1979, we have led thousands on summer adventures in learning, fun and personal growth at our teen sailing camps, scuba diving camps and teen marine biology camps. Living aboard 50' yachts...

19.Seacamp Big Pine Key, Florida
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Since 1966, Seacamp has opened up the world of marine science exploration and SCUBA diving to teens 12-17 from all over the world.&...

20.SEACAMP San Diego San Diego, California
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 SEACAMP San Diego is a Marine Science camp for middle and high school students. SEACAMP I and II for is for students in 7th through 12th grades and SEACAMP III in both San Diego and Hawaii is for high school students only. Some programs may be done b...

21.SeaTrek BVI Roadtown, N/A
5.0 starsbased on 10 review(s).
 SeaTrek offers tropical summer camp adventure programs in the British Virgin Islands for jr. high, high school and college aged students. Voyages revolve around hands-on sailing, scuba diving, and marine biology explorations. All of our educational e...

22.The Wild Traveler Ventura, California
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 The Wild Traveler specializes in Teen Adventure Travel to culturally and ecologically threatened and endangered places. Our trips create global awareness and empower our participants to become active in our global community. Our teen adventure travel...

23.Water Planet Adventures Stann District, N/A
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 Water Planet Adventures is a live-aboard  sailing and scuba adventure in the rainforests, on the coral reefs and among the ruins of ancient Maya cities of Belize.  Special programs are offered which introduce students to coral reef ecology,...

24.Waterman Academy by Rapture Marine Expeditions San Clemente, California
0.0 starsbased on 3 review(s).

An overwhelming amount of young men are behaving distant, defiant, uncooperative, and argumentative, they lack motivation, the desire for physical activity, and they lack discipline, and compassion and even self worth. Oddly enough they share some...

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